12″ Frozen Set Disney Store Version

I had been seeing and admiring the dolls for months, and when I finally got to see Frozen, I came out of the theater going, ThatWasTheBestThingEver MustHaveAllTheDolls. I raced to Target, the dolly stop closest to the theater, only to find that everything was gone.

There are Frozen dolls aplenty at the time of this writing (except for 16″ Singing Anna), but back then, I was having trouble soothing my dolly cravings. While I waited for the toy companies to decide that Frozen merchandise deserved an extended run, I looked (longingly) at a lot of other people’s dolls on the internet, and decided that the classic Disney Store dolls were the ones I wanted. I was finally able to get them all–though Hans played hard to get.

Looks like they’re off to see a wizard.

Disney Store seems to be in the middle of a changeover on the 12″ classic characters. Looks like the Frozen dolls will be included in that line. It’s a price drop for them (I think they were $19.95?), but the price of the line looks to be going up from $14.95 to $16.95. Also of note: no villains! The villains have disappeared from the website and are rapidly disappearing from the store shelves. If anyone wants to send Ursula my way, please let me know.

But back to Frozen.


Anna gets way more stuff than Elsa. Elsa has a dress and shoes. Good luck getting little girls to get her fingers back through those sleeves, BTW. Anna has a shirt/vest combo, skirt, boots, cape, hat, and mittens.

The boys have a similar difference. Hans has a one-piece suit (that was so tight coming off I haven’t even tried putting it back on yet), boots, and a jacket. Kristoff has a top, pants, hat, boots, and mittens. It should be noted that Kristoff’s mittens have little ties have to be tied to secure. Possibly suggesting that Disney toy designers are out to punish mommies worldwide.

By the way, my Hans has staining on the backs of both arms from his very blue shirt. He and Kristoff are looking in opposite directions here. I think they’re uncomfortable. Even though, in my world, Hans turned out to be a redeemable character with extenuating circumstances, Kristoff isn’t very forgiving where Anna’s concerned and they do not get along.

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Author of the Talent Chronicles superhero romance series, and owner of Dolly Delicacies sewing patterns for dolls.
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