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Author of the Talent Chronicles superhero romance series, and owner of Dolly Delicacies sewing patterns for dolls.

Monster High 28″ Gore-Geous Ghoul

Say hello to my beast freaky friend. For all the box opening pics on Flickr, click here. So here she is out of the box, the giant, 28″ Monster High doll. In this picture, she’s wearing her dress and belt, … Continue reading

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Invitation to the Back Room

Christmas is coming (3 months!), and I really, really need to get some of these projects done. I always feel more inspired and motivated when I spend time with people who love dolls, so I decided to make a Facebook group, hoping to find some people who want to hang out, share what they’re working on, and talk about dolls. Hope you’ll join me! Continue reading

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12″ Frozen Set Disney Store Version

I had been seeing and admiring the dolls for months, and when I finally got to see Frozen, I came out of the theater going, ThatWasTheBestThingEver MustHaveAllTheDolls. I raced to Target, the dolly stop closest to the theater, only to … Continue reading

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More YouTube Fun: DisneyToysFan

If I end up buying all of the 12″ Disney dolls, this is who is to blame. DisneyToysFan on YouTube has all the dolls, and makes great use of them, regularly sharing fun short episodes with a number of 11″-12″ … Continue reading

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Some Barbie Comparisons

Since I’ve been on the Barbie trip this week, I thought I’d share some body comparison photos, including the one that was part of the reason I gave up sewing for Barbie. FYI, when I throw out years for these, … Continue reading

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New Doll: Barbie Style 2015

Well, after spending some time in the Dreamhouse, I had to go to the toy store. Really, I now WANT all the characters, but I at least needed a more up-to-date Barbie. My last Barbie was a Fashionista I bought … Continue reading

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Life in the Dreamhouse

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse has been in my Netflix Q for a while now, but I tend to put off watching G-rated TV because it’s often boring, insipid, or just too stupid to watch. Finally started this one and … Continue reading

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Frozen Anna and Elsa 16″

Anna’s and Elsa’s Flickr Collection Page I might have mentioned that I really like 16″ dolls. I looked at the two of them on my birthday, but decided I couldn’t afford $80 worth of dolls that day. A week or … Continue reading

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Brigit’s Flickr Collection Page Brigit Sullivan is a Lati Yellow, a resin ball-jointed doll made by the Korean company Latidoll. She was purchased directly from in Spring 2008. (Lati only opens for orders quarterly. When they’re not accepting orders, … Continue reading

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Leia’s Flickr Collection Page This is Leia. She’s an Iplehouse ABJD from their JID line. She has the Amy head mold, and the JID body with the small bust and mobility thigh. She’s a slim MSD, 43cm (17 inches) tall. I … Continue reading

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