Alex (Madame Alexander “Alex”)

Alex’s Flickr Collection Page

Grande Finale by Madame Alexander Sometimes there’s that thing as a collector where you want something to fill a hole in your collection but you just don’t like anything that fits. I try to stick to collecting doll bodies, and while I have every Monster High character and every Disney Princess in the Animator’s Collection, I mostly TRY not to do too much duplication like that.

I love 16″ dolls, and I needed a Madame Alexander “Alex,” but I could not find one I liked. Then I spotted this girl at the Twickingham Doll Show in Huntsville, Alabama. That’s always a great show and worth going. I drive four hours each way for it.


This is Madame Alexander’s Elle Woods “Grand Finale” from the Legally Blonde collection in 2008. My research tells me this is a Sienna Evans mold, and that she has the Alex body. Yay!

Elle Woods Grand Finale by Madame AlexanderI haven’t played with her much in the year and half she’s been here, so I don’t know very much about her, but she seems to get along well with the rest of the 16″ fashion doll set.


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