Penelope Brewster (Tonner Deja Vu)

Penelope’s Flickr Collection Page

This is “Changing Moods Penelope” from the Deja Vu Collection by Robert Tonner. She was purchased from in April 2015, retails for $149.99, and is still available at the time of this writing. She has the Deja Vu head sculpt, Deja Vu 16″ body, high heel feet, painted eyes, bisque skin tone, and rooted eyelashes. She comes with two wigs, bronze and brown, and three sets of hands, and a doll stand. She wears a white lace camisole and shorts set, and has matching elastic sandals.

Tonner body comparsions

Body comparison, Deja Vu, Tyler, Ellowyne

In the next photo, Penelope is on the left, wearing her brown wig. This picture shows the Deja Vu body compared to the Tyler and Ellowyne bodies from Tonner.

I usually look for closed-mouth molds for my collection and have very few toothy smiles. But despite the parted lips, I really love this girl’s dreamy expression. She’s really gorgeous.

I just unboxed her yesterday, so I don’t know too much about her. I think she and Bronte (my Ellowyne) will become fast friends–I may even find out that they know each other from somewhere…

Penelope full view

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