Rules for The Back Room

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The Back Room at Dolly Delicacies is a friendly place for people who love sewing and dolls. If you sell doll-related items, please make sure to read through to the end.

What should I post?

Anything related to sewing (or crafting) for dolls. Here are some ideas:

  • Show off finished clothes
  • Talk about your current works in progress
  • Post challenges or sew-alongs to the group
  • Share ideas
  • Share fun sewing memes
  • Show off your new doll
  • Ask questions about dolls or sewing

What shouldn’t be posted to this group?

Mostly, don’t spam the group with sales posts.

  • Don’t post sales and advertisements for your business (except as outlined under Sunday Sales)
  • Don’t engage in selling in the group space (take somewhere private)
  • Don’t discuss your transactions with others. This is not a forum for discussing Bad Dolly Deals–even as a warning to others. There are other places for that.
  • “Ugly doll” posts are not allowed. We all have different tastes. It’s okay to post a photo or link about a doll you think is “interesting, but not for me,” but be wary of insulting someone else’s baby.
  • When posting photos of finished items, do not include links for the sale of the item. It’s okay to say, “This is going up on eBay tonight,” or “I just finished this for my Etsy shop,” but we want to avoid having the group turn into a yard sale, with people only there for selling. If someone is really interested in purchasing from you, they will contact you privately.
  • Similarly, don’t post sales links in comments, or ask for them to be posted.
  • Avoid cross-posting. This means, please don’t post the exact same photo/post in multiple similar groups. Many people belong to the same groups, and no one likes reruns in their Newsfeeds.

Behavior Guidelines

  • Swearing is allowed. I keep my other areas suitable for children, but Facebook is a forum for adults, and I have no intention of policing the group.
  • Photos of naked dolls are allowed. We’re dressmakers, and they are dolls. Photos of dolls posed to represent sexual situations are not allowed.
  • Do not criticize someone else’s work unless they ask for that kind of feedback.
  • If you ask for criticism, accept it gracefully, and without argument.

Sunday Sales

Even though selling is not the point of the group, it’s natural for people who work together to want to share that information. We’ll have one thread for this, posted fresh every Sunday. Here are the rules:

  • You are allowed one comment each week.
  • Only one photo is allowed, but you may link to an album with more photos.
  • Up to three links are allowed.
  • Try to keep your comment brief, without a lot of detail. Provide a link where members can get more detail if they’re interested.
  • This is a great place for “Here’s my Etsy shop: [link]”
  • Do not discuss transactions in the group. If you choose to participate in the sales thread, you should have private messages enabled, and/or post a link that provides some access to contact you.
  • You are adults, and you are on your own. Buyer Beware, etc.

Ready to join?

Click here to go to the group page on Facebook, and click the Join button to request access. See you soon!